MacIsaac & Company's Wills Variation Group offers advice and service to children or spouses who have been wrongfully treated in a will.

The MacIsaac Group of Law Firms has developed and implemented an innovative concept in providing legal services to its clients.  The MacIsaac Group is an association of law firms throughout Vancouver island, the interior of northern British Columbia, and Alberta.  Through modern communication links, the members of the MacIsaac Group are in close contact with one another.  Thus, when you retain the services of a lawyer in the MacIsaac Group, you avail yourself of the resources, wisdom, experience, and talents of not just one lawyer but the entire group, throughout Alberta and BC.  

The MacIsaac Group is dedicated to personally serving the needs of its clients.  The lawyer you retain will make every effort to resolve your legal problems.  The MacIsaac Group does not believe in leading you into the complex world of the legal system without first giving you a basic understanding of the procedures and experiences you will encounter as your case proceeds.

The philosophy of the MacIsaac Group is to make every client feel at ease while working through your legal problem.  The advantage of retaining a MacIsaac Group lawyer is that you benefit from an aggressive yet friendly team that is experienced in many areas of legal practice without sacrificing the personal and professional service that your particular circumstances require.   

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Iain McCreath is the primary contributor to MacIsaac & Company's Wills Variation Group.  Iain is a lifelong Victoria resident and lover of the west coast.  Iain received his Bachelor of Science (Biology) with distinction from the University of Victoria in 2008 and went on to receive his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Leicester, England in 2012.  Iain has always had close ties to Victoria and even volunteered with MacIsaac & Company before entering the field of law.  Iain is also a member of the Trial Lawyers of British Columbia.

Iain was called to the Bar in British Columbia in the fall of 2014 and joined MacIsaac & Company as an associate.  Iain's areas of practice include civil litigation, personal injury, and wills and estates disputes. 

Iain has been involved as a volunteer with a number of organizations, specifically the Canadian Federation for the Blind, with which he has a particular connection.  Outside of the office, Iain is a sport enthusiast and is always looking for an excuse to get out on the squash court.  An avid gym-goer, Iain finds balance with exercise and sport.